The Acoustic Cafe Amphitheater

About Us

Hello Everyone,

In the spring of 1996 a festival was started in my front yard. It is a music festival. What kind of music? Good music! It is played up close and in your face by some of the greatest stringed musicians and singers in the world. For more than 15 years our crowd has continued to grow; the Acoustic Cafe has become the largest gathering of earthy tie-dyed people in Alabama. We create a three-day village of harmony, love, and tolerance. Music is what brings people to our shows, but the sense of village is what keeps people coming back. The children are polite; campsites are clean; and people respect each other.

Without a doubt, we have the best-behaved crowd in the world. If they were not, I would not have kept inviting them back to my home year after year. It has become the world’s coolest place to see live music. This has been our mission.

Harbert & Steve Because the size of our crowd kept growing, in 2010 we had to find a new location – which we have. Instead of the 61 acres we were on in Blount County, we now have a 220-acre site in Marion County (about 70 miles northwest of Birmingham; 60 miles north of Tuscaloosa). The area is covered in trees, deep in the woods; it has a pond and plenty of flat places to camp. The landowner has built us the best looking stage in the state, and the seating area is terraced to give everyone a good view. We are still growing and will continue to expand our camping places. We also have hot showers!

We were curious to see if the sense of village we created would follow us to a new location; we are very proud to say that it has. This is in no way, shape, form, or fashion a regular music festival, and we do not ever want to become one. If you think this is a place where you can come and get wild, we do not want you here. If you had rather talk while sitting in front of the stage instead of listening to music, we do not want you here. If you can’t deal with your trash and recyclables in the proper manner, we do not want you here. If you are one of those people who think you are special and the rules do not apply to you – well, you guessed it – we do not want you here.

If you have children you will want to bring them. No one is too young or too old to enjoy the festival – plus those 12 and under get in free. At this show people make friends for life. To get a better sense of what goes on, look at the photos from our past shows.

We hope you will join our email list to receive updates about what we are doing; feel free to contact us at anytime.

Please continue to spread the word about what we do ~

Steve Masterson