The Acoustic Cafe Amphitheater

Frequently Asked Questions

All vehicles (camping or day parkers) will be charged a $10 parking fee… payable at the gate. Your vehicle will be allowed to leave and will not have to pay to re-enter. However your parking place will not be saved.

The area is flat, some of it has grass some of it is dirt. You will be able to park your car at your camp site.

Motor Homes?
There will be a separate area for motor homes & trailers. There are not any hook ups, but there is not any charge either; other than the $10 parking fee.

Camp Fires?
There will be no fires on the grass; fires are ok in an above ground device. If you want to have a fire on the ground don’t camp on the grass.

Recorded Music?
Other than MP3 format in your own ears, there is no playing of recorded music while on the premises. Turn it off when you come in the gate.

No Swimming!
We do have a beautiful pond, but do not even wade in it. The bottom is deep with silt. To stir it up would be damaging to the ecosystem. The silt is deep enough to hold you down as well.

We will have portable toilets. We keep them clean. We do have a shower house. You will be able to take a free shower with privacy & a real shower head and even warm water!!!

Can we bring our own food?
Yes you can bring and cook your own food. Do not bring glass!!!

Will there be food for sale?
Yes there will be a food vendor here. They will have really good food at a fair price. Yes they will have stuff to feed vegetarians. Yes they will also sell bags of ice.

Free Coffee!
Bring your own reusable cup (or buy one of ours) and we will provide you free coffee all weekend. Our fancy coffee is provided by the good people at Octane Coffee (formerly Primavera Coffee).

Do not bring glass. It is too hard/heavy for us to deal with. If you have glass we have the right to take it from you. Don’t let bringing glass ruin your weekend.

Yes you are welcome to ride your motorcycle to the festival. There is a designated parking place for them to park. It is a safe place where no one can mess with them. You cannot ride your motorcycle into the campgrounds.

Can I bring my dog?

What if he is a real sweet dog and everybody likes him?

What about kids?
Kids 12 and under are free. This is a great atmosphere for kids. Check out our Pictures page.

Do you have an early set up policy?

Early Set Up Policy: The official Early Set Up date is the Saturday morning the week before the show. You can enter the gate early and at 7:57 am you can enter the camp ground and go put your tarps and or tents down so they will be waiting on you the following week when you come for the show. There is no charge for doing this. You cannot use string, rope, tape or flags to reserve space. If you do that we will take them down.

SUPER EARLY SET UP POLICY: If you would like to come even earlier than the Saturday before the show there will be a $10 per tarp charge. You can come as early as May 7th. The line actually starts forming the night before. You can sleep in your car, put your tent up just for the night there in front of the store, or stay up by the public fire all night. At 8:15 am we will drop the flag and the land rush is on. It is a lot of fun so come be a part of it.

Is there a map of the area?
Yes! Click on Tie-dye Village to see the map. (The map will open in a new window)

What if I need to know something that is not on this list?
Send us an email. We check our email throughout the day and we will get back with you right away.

Call Steve Masterson 205-647-3237

or email Steve*at*

or write:
The Acoustic Cafe
P.O. Box 444
Hayden, AL 35079